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Hi, Sorry I've been away for a while, and I'm sorry I'll be away for a bit longer. I'm currently studying for my a levels, so whilst I'm revising, I won't be posting. I have a few exciting posts planned... Continue Reading →


An Open Letter to those who told me I won’t be an Actress

To whom it may concern, You may not know me, or you may know me quite well. I regret to inform you of a mistake you have made in the past. You may recall telling me that I can't become... Continue Reading →

Do Something

Hi, As you may know, I hate people who wallow in self pity. It's my number one pet peeve. I especially hate this when the self pity wallower is wallowing over something which can easily be fixed. I'm an optimist,... Continue Reading →

Oscar Nominations 2017

Hi, So it's the Oscars tomorrow! I'm so excited!!! Both as a film lover, and a dress, hair, and makeup lover, the Oscars are one of the best nights of the year! I love guessing who's going to win in... Continue Reading →

La La Land 

Hi, Ok. I've joined the hype. I love La La Land. I'm not going to be the first person to blog about this movie, nor will I be the last. But this movie deserves to be talked about. It doesn't... Continue Reading →

Disney Tag

Hi, I'm sorry that my posts have been a bit shit lately, but my world is a little bit hectic right now, I promise my posts will get a bit better soon! So for now, here is my Disney tag!... Continue Reading →

Autism Speaks

Hi. I'm sorry this post is so long, but it's a topic I am very passionate about! I'm going to sort this blog post into sections, so it's a bit easier to understand. What is Autism Speaks? Autism Speaks is... Continue Reading →


Hi, I got a tweet one day, and it was a very nice tweet, however, in that tweet, I got called #bravelady.  I am very flattered by this compliment, but it got me thinking, Why am I brave? Why do I... Continue Reading →

Career Goals

Hi, No surprise to you that I want to be an actress, but I don't want to be just an actress, I want to be a successful actress, not other people's view of success, my view of success. I should... Continue Reading →

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