Happy Belated New Year! I’m glad 2016 is well and truly behind us. That’s a bit harsh, but it wasn’t the best year personally for me and culturally. Enough of that, new year, new me!

This year is a pretty big year, I turn 18, and I leave school for the big bad world. I have mixed feelings about leaving school, but at least I can really set off to attempt to enter the industry! I love new year resolutions (even though I’m not great with commitments!), So here are my career related resolutions, because my personal resolutions are, well, personal.

  1. Do camera work~ Now I’m not expecting to end up on Game of Thrones anytime soon, but I want to do screen work. I don’t care whether it’s paid or not, I want to be involved with a short film, I want to work as an extra, any experience I can get I will take.
  2. Stop burning out~ I have a really bad habit of when I work on a project, I throw everything I’ve got and more into it, and then end up making myself ill and exhausted. I need to figure out my limits so that I can balance working as hard as I can without sending myself to my bed for a week in the process.
  3. Write a play~ I love writing screenplays, but I’ve never actually considered writing a piece of theatre. Whether it becomes something further down the line or ends up stuck on my computer never seeing the light of day, it might be quite interesting.
  4. Read more plays~ I ashamedly don’t go to the theatre as often as I should, because a.) I’m a busy bee, b.) money, and c.) there’s not a lot of theatre in my area which interests me. To widen my knowledge of theatre, another alternative is reading plays, and this might also inspire my inner director and writer.
  5. Remember my body is my temple~ This may initially appear a more personal resolution, but as an actor, you need your body, or you can’t do your job. Similar to resolution 2, I need to treat my body kindly, I need to eat healthier, exercise more, get more fresh air, get more vitamins. This also applies for mental health as well. Stop being so hard on yourself, be kind to yourself, don’t overwhelm yourself.

And that’s my five resolutions! What are yours? Leave them below to give other people inspiration!

See you soon,