So I’ve just finished a production of ‘The Merchant of Venice’, and I will do a blog post on that experience soon, but before that, I just want to share what I include in my rehearsal bag, because rehearsal days were loooong!
Obviously this may not apply if you’re in a musical theatre show, so don’t have a heart attack when you see I don’t have tap shoes or leg warmers.

So the important thing is to have an easy access bag which isn’t too heavy, bulky, or anything like that, but isn’t too small you can’t even fit your phone in it. I just used a canvas tote bag (You can get them in Primark for like £1, or if you’re looking at universities, you will probably have thousands from open days in the corner of your room).

The essentials are;

  • Script- Obvious, so you can go over lines, understand the scenes, help someone else run lines.
  • Pens and Pencils and Highlighters– So you can make notes in scripts, cuts, blocking, highlight any lines given out, important notes, etc. I thought this was common sense, but the amount of pencils I lent out to people who forgot, Hence why you bring multiple pencils.
  • Water- So your throat doesn’t die on you, teamwork makes the dream work.
  • Phone- If anyone needs to contact you, also useful if you need to quickly look up something.
  • Purse- So you can buy snacks, drinks, get home, etc.
And these aren’t essentials, but these are my personal must haves;
  • Go Ahead yogurt bars- Perfect rehearsal snack, fills you up, and nice and sweet. Was on offer when I was rehearsing but on my last rehearsal, the price went up from £1 for 10 bars, to £2. Not impressed. But definitely get them!
  • Spray- Boy, after a while, you stink. Be kind to your cast mates.
  • Gum- You’re speaking a lot, helps to warm up your mouth before you rehearse, and also your breath may stink. Be kind to your cast mates.
  • Homework- You may be sitting around for a while, and you may not want to read your script for the 10 millionth time that day. You’re stuck in a rehearsal room all day so you might as well be productive.
  • Blanket Scarf- If your rehearsal room has heating, good for you. Ours didn’t, so when you’re sitting around doing nothing, instead of sitting cold, wrap yourself up in a blanket, (Primark for like £5, get one even if you’re not an actor, they are life savers.).
  • Woolly socks- See above.
  • Tea- Now this isn’t in my rehearsal bag, but we were rehearsing above the pub, and a cup of tea was £1. Be kind to yourself, have a nice cuppa to keep your sugars up.
And those were my essentials. Was there anything I missed? Any tips you have? Let me know by posting in the comments!
See you soon!