If we had two hearts, for most people, love for their family and friends would take one heart, but I think that we all have a love for one thing which would take up the other heart. This love for one thing would be totally unique for you and it would be a thing you cherish alongside your family and friends. We shouldn’t be ashamed to share this one thing with the people around us, but saying that, we shouldn’t be ashamed if we want to keep it a secret with ourselves. My one thing, some people might say is a little sad, but I don’t care. My one thing is Doctor Who.

Doctor Who is about a alien called The Doctor, who lives in a police box which is bigger on the inside and travels through time and space, and his travels with his friends, known as companions. It sounds very strange but I, and many others worldwide, love it. Doctor Who might be other peoples one thing, but it’s the love we hold for it which makes the one thing unique for everyone. Within 10 minutes of meeting me, I will have probably mentioned that I am a fan of Doctor Who, some people may think it’s nerdy but I honestly don’t care because it’s my one thing.

There are a lot of reasons why Doctor Who is my one thing. I love how it’s 50 years old. I love how it got cancelled and 20 years and on television movie later, came back with a bang. I love how everything constantly changes, from the TARDIS interior, to companions, to The Doctor himself. I love how the whovians sometimes argue but we’re still a big family. I love seeing the cast and crew of set and being normal people. I love the fanfictions. I love the music composed. I love the costumes. I love how it shocks me. I love how it sometimes scares me. I love how it always leaves me wanting more. But most of all, I love the magic of it.

I love the magical stories Doctor who tells me. I love the history it teaches me. I love the life lessons it teaches me. I love the story of Doctor Who, a man, whisking people away to see the stars. 

It makes me laugh, it makes me cry. Call me sad and pathetic but I honestly wouldn’t know what I would do without Doctor Who. It is a part of my heart and I desperately want to play The Doctors companion when I’m older, but what I want more is for The Doctor to whisk me away in the night and show me the stars.

See you soon