No surprise to you that I want to be an actress, but I don’t want to be just an actress, I want to be a successful actress, not other people’s view of success, my view of success. I should probably say this is my version of my success, there are many actors who are successful in my eyes because of what they have achieved, but this is what I personally want to achieve, if that makes sense. There are many variations of success which applies to different people is what I’m trying to say. This is what I want to achieve in my career.

1. Be on Doctor Who~ The one role, my dream role which I would kill for is to be The Doctor’s companion. But even if I’m just a walk on extra. I must be on Doctor Who in my life. Doctor Who is one of the reasons I want to become a actress and it’s my favourite thing in the world.

2. Be nominated for an award~ Everyone wants to be recognised for what they do, and if at least one person likes me, I’m happy.

3. Do TV, Theatre, and Film~ The main type of acting I want to do is TV, because there’s a closer connection to the audience in my opinion. Chances are, if there’s a story which is a TV show, a film, or a play, more people will have seen the TV show because it’s more accessible, and you’re inviting the story into your home, but I want to try all three for the experience.

4. Do a musical TV show or film~ Musical theatre is my guilty pleasure but I could never do it on stage everyday of the week. Also, I can’t sing, but with lessons, it might be interesting to try, maybe even do a one off on stage.

5. Learn a new skill for a role~ Again, acting is about new experiences, and it’s interesting to learn a new skill for a role which you can keep forever (or forget as soon as you’ve finished that project).

6. Be a Disney princess~ Because who doesn’t want to be a Disney princess?

7. Play a non fiction character~ Because I find it interesting to learn about new people.

8. Be in a blockbuster~ Just to see what it would be like to be part of a large scale production.

9. Be in a book to film adaptation~ I find it interesting how the same story can be told in different ways, (Cough cough Game of thrones, if you ever need someone just gimme a call)

10. Be in a music video/short film~ I want to experience a smaller set filming for a few days, just because you know.

11. Create my own theatre company~ I love to write, I love to direct, I love to act. I can feed my inner control freak, sustain my craving for collaboration, sustain my creativity, and hopefully never write something as cheesy as this again.

See you soon,