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Doctor Who

Hi, If we had two hearts, for most people, love for their family and friends would take one heart, but I think that we all have a love for one thing which would take up the other heart. This love... Continue Reading →


What’s in my rehearsal bag

Hi, So I've just finished a production of 'The Merchant of Venice', and I will do a blog post on that experience soon, but before that, I just want to share what I include in my rehearsal bag, because rehearsal... Continue Reading →

Taught by Soaps

Hi, In Britain, people either love, or hate soap operas. I am one of the people who love them. Yes, some of the acting is god awful and some of the actors can appear to be lazy, but some of... Continue Reading →

My First Audition

Hi, So, last year, I went for my first ever audition! It wasn't for anything major, just a little youth theatre production. To be honest, I wasn't really fussed if I got in or not, I just wanted to audition,... Continue Reading →

2017 Resolutions

Hi, Happy Belated New Year! I'm glad 2016 is well and truly behind us. That's a bit harsh, but it wasn't the best year personally for me and culturally. Enough of that, new year, new me! This year is a... Continue Reading →

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